Social Media – Which Platform is Best for Your Brand? 
Nicole Feldman – our VP Marketing looked at Social Media Platforms and what’s best for your brand. Let us know your thoughts and where you prefer to be! 
Social media advertising allows marketers the opportunity to increase their brand’s visibility. You can also drive sales if you target messages to specific audiences based on different factors. These factors can range from where people live, to their purchase habits, as well as preferences in style, activities and more. 
Facebook and Instagram both offer resources to refine paid social marketing through multiple content options. There are also analytics that give insight into which messages work and which ones don’t. Because of the global popularity of both platforms, it’s likely the audience you want to reach is on either or both of them. But, the big question is which one is best for your product or service? It depends on reach, demographics, and engagement. So at Four Corners Hospitality Group – we wanted to give both a go and use the data and analytics behind both platforms to determine which direction we should follow – it could be both or just one. 
We took 2 minutes out of Robin, our VP Finance, busy work schedule this week – and of course Euro 2020 watching to have a quick catch up with our VP Finance Robin Williams to see what hes been up to and how he now sees the industry recovering post Pandemic. 
The news this week of double vaccinations enabling travel without quarantine was definitely a positive for the hotel and hospitality industry. 
How are you Robin? 
Busy – which is how I like it – we are supporting our hotels and always trying to be more efficient on the finance side. Not easy at times and throw in a Pandemic and it doesn’t make happy finance people but there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are positive that we will get back to normal. 
What’s your biggest frustration currently in the hotel industry? 
The historically poor treatment of employees which has now come to a head with the shortage of immigrants from EU due to Brexit. It is proven that a well trained and well treated team is more efficient and cost effective than the constant turmoil of recruitment, training and performance management that low pay causes. We need to ensure we are looking after our teams and ensuring their development is our highest priority as well as looking after our guests. The two go hand in hand. 
How has the industry changed for the better in the last 30 years? 
It has to be the technology making it easier to control costs daily and reduce surprises at month end. No one likes a surprise and especially the finance team! 
What positives can you take from the Pandemic? 
Historically in the hotel industry its always been that people have to work at hotel sites or head offices but what the Pandemic has taught us is you can work remotely and it can be more efficient. We have gained more time as we have lost the travel time and we can just switch on – the downside can be that you just can’t switch off. In the finance team if you have decent systems then everything can be done remotely. That isn’t to say never going back into a hotel as nothing replaces the face to face contact as well as the buzz you get from being in a hotel. 
What do you like doing in your spare time? 
Being with my family, visiting historic sites and BBQs with friends 
Who’s going to win the Euros? 
Well I did want Spain to win 😊 as I spent 16 years living and working there and still long to go back – however now its an Italy V England final – I hope England bring it home! 
Four Corners Hospitality group has partnered with Make-A-Wish -UK this year to raise funds for critically ill children and their families. By raising money we bring hope and smiles to these children. Right now, there’s a seriously ill child counting on us to create hope for them. Together, we can grant their wish. A child’s life shouldn’t be about illness, hospitals and diagnosis – it should be about wonder, joy and hope 
Four Corners Hospitality Group recently undertook a team Marathon challenge – however they surpassed the distance as a team and walked over 356 miles during the month of May raising vital funds for their charity partner. 
This particular initiative was important to Four Corners as We Care is one of their 5 Core Values. The core values of our company are engrained in all we day. Our Values reflect how we go about our business and how we treat our clients, our business partners, our providers and each other. Our team consists only of experts who share these values, believe in our evolving ways of working, and who successfully spread this DNA from the FCHG family on to everyone. We care for each other, our clients and guests and the wider community understanding that empathy makes us stronger which was so important for our first remote fundraiser. 
In spite of the current Pandemic people were generous with their donations and the team generous with their time to clock up the miles. 
Kym Kapadia –Chief Commercia Officer said –" It wasn’t as sunny as we were hoping for in May – probably one of the wettest on record! However that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and the team all enjoyed the challenge of getting out there to put the miles in for such a worthwhile cause. There was definitely competition amongst the team which was great to see for our first fundraiser. It was also good for both our physical and mental health and knowing we were creating hope for such a special charity " 
Tim Shearman – Chief Executive added –" Our charity partners are very important to us and we are already planning our next fundraiser. The team really got into it – I enjoyed it too! Thank you to all who sponsored the team we know that Make A Wish UK are grateful for everything raised and we hope we bring smiles to the deserving children and their families". 
Welcome Back Tim and Kym - we hope you had a good trip to the Algarve. We are all interested to know what its like travelling in the post Covid world in 2021. We have a few questions to see what the planning, Covid testing and organisation is needed to go abroad these days from the UK, Is it easy if you are organised or just very stressful? We are sure it was good to see the sun after a very wet May in the UK. Lets hope this is the first trip of many to Europe and Worldwide.  
Nation-wide lockdowns and restrictions on domestic and international travel have wiped out base business for hotels around the world. With some restrictions easing and hotels being able to reopen, many properties are starting from scratch. Most bookings were cancelled, leaving them with little to no on-the-books business and accurate forecasting is a challenge since previously known demand patterns are now unreliable. We caught up with Graham Lewis – VP Commercial to hear his thoughts on all things Commercial and the changes to the industry from when he joined Hilton fresh out of University. 
Tim Shearman with over 30 years in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry tells us why he set up Four Corners Hospitality Group – and if you want to catch him when he’s not working you might need to get into a pool or be on the tennis court! 
Happy International Women’s Day 2021. Here at Four Corners Hospitality Group we spent 5 minutes with our co founder Kym Kapadia – Chief Commercial Officer. In this interview she answers questions why women should pursue a career in Hospitality and highlights the opportunities for women and how to be successful. 
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