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Social Media – Which Platform is Best for Your Brand? 
Nicole Feldman – our VP Marketing looked at Social Media Platforms and what’s best for your brand. Let us know your thoughts and where you prefer to be! 
Social media advertising allows marketers the opportunity to increase their brand’s visibility. You can also drive sales if you target messages to specific audiences based on different factors. These factors can range from where people live, to their purchase habits, as well as preferences in style, activities and more. 
Facebook and Instagram both offer resources to refine paid social marketing through multiple content options. There are also analytics that give insight into which messages work and which ones don’t. Because of the global popularity of both platforms, it’s likely the audience you want to reach is on either or both of them. But, the big question is which one is best for your product or service? It depends on reach, demographics, and engagement. So at Four Corners Hospitality Group – we wanted to give both a go and use the data and analytics behind both platforms to determine which direction we should follow – it could be both or just one. 
Nation-wide lockdowns and restrictions on domestic and international travel have wiped out base business for hotels around the world. With some restrictions easing and hotels being able to reopen, many properties are starting from scratch. Most bookings were cancelled, leaving them with little to no on-the-books business and accurate forecasting is a challenge since previously known demand patterns are now unreliable. We caught up with Graham Lewis – VP Commercial to hear his thoughts on all things Commercial and the changes to the industry from when he joined Hilton fresh out of University. 
Happy International Women’s Day 2021. Here at Four Corners Hospitality Group we spent 5 minutes with our co founder Kym Kapadia – Chief Commercial Officer. In this interview she answers questions why women should pursue a career in Hospitality and highlights the opportunities for women and how to be successful. 
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