Welcome Back Tim and Kym - we hope you had a good trip to the Algarve. We are all interested to know what its like travelling in the post Covid world in 2021. We have a few questions to see what the planning, Covid testing and organisation is needed to go abroad these days from the UK, Is it easy if you are organised or just very stressful? We are sure it was good to see the sun after a very wet May in the UK. Lets hope this is the first trip of many to Europe and Worldwide.  
How would you sum up your travelling experience in 3 words in the post covid travel world? 
1. Adventure (unknown travelling experience awaits) 
2. Exhilarating (exciting to be back on the move again) 
3. Relief (watching fellow-travellers’ excitement at being able to go away) 
How easy was it to book all your Covid testing? Was it stressful at all? 
Have to say, it was an effort. Largely because it’s still early in the process and people/airlines/companies are still getting used to the processes and protocol. 
Hot Tip: be as organised as possible with having your paperwork, and it’s a breeze! We were travelling to a “green” country, Portugal from the UK and at times it felt like we were helping the check-in team. It’s early days and the airports were not as busy as the media has been saying. 
• How were the airports in the UK? Was anything open? 
Sadly not. We went from London City and Heathrow airports respectively and most shops and lounges were shut. Duty Free was open, with long, long queues – missed opportunity and revenue on their part! Travellers were very aware and conscious of wearing masks and social distancing, so in fact lots of room to breathe, which was quite refreshing. 
Once you arrived back in the UK – did you have any follow up post your test? 
Yes, we’d booked our Day 2 return tests before departing from Portugal (we had to), and the system worked well. 
What advice would you give anyone about to travel. 
Be organised well enough in advance. Ensure you’ve booked your tests (outbound and return), completed your passenger locator forms, and remember your insurance! 
• Where did you stay? How was the hotel experience? 
At the fabulous Wyndham Grand Algarve. What an amazing hotel, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for the lap of luxury…in one of the only Green hotspots in the world if you are coming from the UK. The resort was just about to re-open and getting ready for the fabulous influx of long-awaited celebrities (it’s how the team define all guests) – stunning! 
If you want to check it out click here - https://wyndhamgrandalgarve.com/hotel/ 
Where to next?  
Well, we’ll be back in the Algarve later this month but will be slightly different now its changed to Amber from the UK and over the course of the next few weeks we plan to visit Italy – another Amber country so will be quite interesting to experience the difference in travel. Much time spent across the UK to keep us busy in the meantime. 
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